Fractures And Fracture Treatment & Coxa-Femoral Bypass

Fractures can be primarily due to any physical trauma or it can be a pathological fracture

Various treatment options are there based on fracture site, morphology ,communitionetc
  • 1) Conservative means by slab or plaster
  • 2) Nailing
  • 3) Plating
  • 4) Pinning
  • 5) Joint replacement

Choice of Implant

Choice of implant and method of fixation depends upon the type and configuration of accident and fracture hospital near me. Open and closed means for treatment are also dependant on that.

Intra-articular fractures (fracture involving the joint)

As per AO guidelines, early mobilization in such fractures is the key. Hence, precise anatomical reduction in such fractures is the key. Accurate fixation , early mobilization restores joint function.

Coxa-femoral Bypass for proximal femurcommunited inter-trochanteric fractures

This kind of injury is mainly seen in elderly patients with osteoporotic bones. Conventionally, intra-medullary nailing is being done for these fractures, fracture doctor near me. But due to osteoporosis and communition, early weight bearing may not be started with fracture fixation. In this technique, head is replaced by a prosthetic device and surrounded bone and muscles are fixed back with wires. After this, in most cases patient can be allowed to walk the very next day. This Surgery is highly specific for selected indications.

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