Revision Trauma Surgeries

Non-union , mal-union, Broken implant, Peri-implant fracture are known and common complications following fracture surgery, and best Orthopaedic hospital near me. Such cases need expertise , meticulous technique and proper armamentarium. Bone grafting techniques are used in these kind of procedure as well.

  • Non-union Non-union can be of various types. Based on that , treatment strategy is decided. Certain non-union needs complete revision which means removal and change of implant with bone grafting.
  • Mal-union Mal-union can cause stiffness of joint, mal-alignment of axis, early joint arthritis. In such cases, the bone is cut and brought to normal position and substituted with grafting.
  • Failed and Broken Implants This is a real challenge to the orthopaedicians. Old implants are sometimes so well fixed that are difficult to remove. Implants broken in the canal are also cumbersome to remove. Re-trauma or pre-existing non-union may be a cause of broken implant. Re-fixation and given rigid stability with or without bone grafting is required.

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