Dual Mobility Hip Replacement In Ahmedabad

Dual Mobility Hip Replacement in Ahmedabad

Hip replacement surgery has offered many patients a new lease on life after agonising arthritis in a worn-out joint. It has been shown to be a highly effective technique for reducing pain and restoring movement.

Dual Mobility Hip Replacement

A ball-in-socket mechanism is used in a hip replacement implant to mimic the human hip joint. A stem that enters into the femur (thighbone), a ball that replaces the circular head of the thigh bone, and a shell that lines the hip socket are all common components.
A dual mobility implant provides an additional bearing surface as compared to a typical hip replacement prosthesis. A big polyethylene plastic head fits within a polished metal hip socket component of the dual mobility hip, and a smaller metal or ceramic head snaps into the polyethylene head.

Dual Mobility Hip Replacement In Usmanpura, Ahmedabad