Sports Injury Treatment in Ahmedabad

All kind of sports injury, fractures are treated here


We are well-known for treating all types of sports injuries. The diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitation services available guarantee that patients recover to their pre-injury levels of performance as quickly as possible. The Sports Medicine services follow international clinical treatment procedures for joint problems, and a number of professional athletes have benefited from the department's expertise. Advanced arthroscopic surgeries of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints are carried out at Sancheti hospital is the latest arthroscopes for small incision surgery.

Sports Injury Treatment In Usmanpura, Ahmedabad

When a patient is unsure whether or not he should visit an orthopaedic surgeon/doctor in his neighbourhood, In Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Navkar Orthopaedic ClinicUsmanpura, Ahmedabad is a leading fracture hospital.Dr. Bhavya Shah is the best orthopaedic surgeon in that hospital. Patient must be in pain or discomfort, but he is unable to assess the severity of the problem? Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that affects people. Find the best doctor for bone injuries, fractures, joint replacement surgery, rheumatology, sports injuries, back and spine orthopaedic problems or surgeries, hip problems or replacement, a shoulder problem, elbow pain, boxer fracture surgery, finger surgery, Hand fracture surgery, foot fracture surgery, or ankle fracture surgery doctor, wrist fracture, skull fracture, hand fracture, leg fracture, orbital fracture, compound fracture ankle, acetabular fracture, broken back,

Treatment Of Fractures In Ahmedabad

Treatment Options

  • Conservative means by slab or plaster
  • Nailing
  • Plating
  • Pinning
  • Joint replacement

Treatment of Fractures in Ahmedabad


Choice of implant and method of fixation depends upon the type and configuration. Open and closed means for treatment are also dependant on that.


As per AO guidelines, early mobilization in such fractures is the key. Hence, precise anatomical reduction in such fractures is the key. Accurate fixation , early mobilization restores joint function.

COXA-FEMORAL BYPASS Treatment In Ahmedabad

This kind of injury is mainly seen in elderly patients with osteoporotic bones. Conventionally, intra-medullary nailing is being done for these fractures. But due to osteoporosis and communition, early weight bearing may not be started with fracture fixation. In this technique, head is replaced by a prosthetic device and surrounded bone and muscles are fixed back with wires. After this, in most cases patient can be allowed to walk the very next day. This Surgery is highly specific for selected indications.

Fracture Treatment In Ahmedabad

Best Doctor For Fracture Treatment In Ahmedabad

Dr. Bhavya Shah

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Specialist of Hip Replacement Specialist of Knee Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad.After Completion MS in orthopaedics, He joined fellowship in primary and revision hip & knee arthroplasty from LAUD Clinic, Mumbai. then he joined fellowship in Pelvi-Acetabular Surgery under Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali.

Being trained in one of best units in Gujarat and one of the best Orthopaedic Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai, Laud clinic - have had immense experience in all Orthopaedic sub-specialities like Trauma, Joint Replacement, Spine, Oncology, Arthroscopy, hand, foot and ankle.

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Sports Injury Treatment in Ahmedabad